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 Binsoku Chains, Chikara Blade, Dagger

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Mitsu Doraibu

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PostSubject: Binsoku Chains, Chikara Blade, Dagger   Mon Jul 05, 2010 9:00 am

Name: Binsoku Chains

Weapon Type: Chain

Element: None

Ability: It can be used as a support tool or as a weapon that is used to damage. Usually it is used to tie enemy or used to hang on it, in case if falling from a high point. While the tool is not used, it is being carried in a shoulder bag.

Appearance: Heavy 7 meters long chain made out of hard steel. It's color is dark grey. On first end it has a sharp Blade, but second end is tied to a brown linen shoulder bag.

History: This chain was made by a blacksmith, that was father of good friend of Mitsu, when Mitsu was 14. Mitsu named the chains himself after he learned to use it as a tool, at age of 16.


Name: Chikara Blade

Weapon Type: Sword

Element: Ice

Ability: Used for only physical attacks to deal damage.

Appearance: 80 centimeters long sword. Sword's blade is made out of pure ice that never melts and is hard to break like a simple sword's blade. In dark, the blade starts glowing white, but in light it looks like a simple bit transparent blue ice.

History: Chikara blade used to belong to grandfather of Mitsu, and was passed generations till Mitsu. Grandfather of Mitsu never told how he made the blade.
Mitsu received it from father at age of 9.


Name: Dagger

Weapon Type: Dagger

Element: None

Ability: Used to damage enemy from long range.

Appearance: 25 centimeters long dagger. >>Preview<<

History: History of Daggers are unknown, but they were bought at a simple market after Mitsu left home. Currently, he owns 2 of these daggers.
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PostSubject: Re: Binsoku Chains, Chikara Blade, Dagger   Sat Jul 10, 2010 8:04 pm


Hate the day, Love the night, because it's when the things people most fear come out and play...
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Binsoku Chains, Chikara Blade, Dagger
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