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 Nicholas Vitel

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Nicholas Vitel

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PostSubject: Nicholas Vitel   Thu Jul 08, 2010 5:08 am

Character name: Nicholas Vitel

Gender: Male

Age: 112 (Appears about 8.)

Race: Faery

Alignment: Evil; he's sometimes mistaken for neutral, or even good, as he'll help others if it seems fun. But he has no moral compass whotsover, and is effectively a psychopath.

Appearance: Despite his great age, Nicholas appears to be about eight years old, with soft green hair and big blue eyes. His hair is about chin length, besides shorted bangs which fall over his eyes. From beneath the longer sides, emerge two feather-like ears, with white fur along them, turning equally green at the tips. He is delicate in appearance, with very soft pale skin. From Nicholas back emerge four greenish-yellow wings, which emit tiny purplish black sparkles in the air when they touch light. His usual outfit consists of a red vest with yellow trim, worn over a tight black shirt, and similarly tonned reddish brown shorts. His height varies with his magic, but he is usually either six inchs in height, or 4'2, depending on his needs at the moment. He'll sometimes grow up to 20 feet to be more intimidating, but he doesn't do this around anyone familiar with his powers, knowing that increasing his size actually makes him weaker rather then stronger.

Element/Magic: Darkness; he can also change his size.

Weapons: The Bow of Dawn, a magical longbow which fires light element arrows. It once belonged to a hero of the Light Court, who Nicholas poisoned; and he's used the bow ever since as an insult to them.

Strengths: Very intelligent, adorable, powerful magic, his flight and size changing makes him an excellent spy.

Weaknesses: Weak physically, completely untrustworthy, overconfident, has issues controlling his temper.

Defense: Very low physically. He's good with magical barriers, but his actual resistance to spells is equally horrible. On the brightside, his defense is the same regardless of form. So you can't just step on him. (On the other hand, if he grew into a giant, you could still punch him across the room.)

History: A mid-class noble of the Dark Court. Nicholas is quite old, over a century, despite his appearance, and very familiar with the court overall. His ultimate goal is to someday become King of the Majestic Court, though he of course intends to take control of the Dark Court first. He continually plots and instigates events around the court, either to further his own power or just for fun. Most of it really tends to be the latter. Nicholas is easily bored, and tends to treat the rest of the court, and anyone else he encounters, as toys for his amusement. While he is skilled with a bow, he mostly uses it just for the ironic value, being a treasured artifact from the Light Court. He much prefers magic or poison, and most that anger him don't realize anything is wrong until the pain in their chest begins. He is also known for having a huge appetite, and eats quite a bit, even in his six inch form he can out eat most of the members of the court! This may have to do with his size changing ability, as he's implied that the magic has messed around with the physics of his body.
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PostSubject: Re: Nicholas Vitel   Sat Jul 10, 2010 8:03 pm

Welcome to the site ^_^


Hate the day, Love the night, because it's when the things people most fear come out and play...
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Nicholas Vitel
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