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 Sayo Kael

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PostSubject: Sayo Kael   Wed Jul 14, 2010 11:59 am

Character name: Sayo Kael

Gender: male

Age: 400

Race: vampyre

Alignment: Sayo has his own morals and codes that he follows, but he abides by vampire law.

Appearance: Regardless of the number for his age, Sayo retains the physique of a twenty-four year old. His short blond hair is often mildly spiked. His deep blue eyes can either warm you or chill you depending on his mood. Like his races entails, he is pale but doesn't look ill in the slightest. He has a lean muscular build and stands tall at 6'5. A simple gold earring rests in his right ear. Sayo often wears black wherever he decides to go simply because it suits him.

Element/Magic: Water

Weapons: Sayo doesn't carry weapons beside his fangs, claws, and seduction. If a weapon is handy and he is in need of it, he will grab some object around the room.

Strengths: Sayo values his speed and seduction as his main weapons besides his bite.

Weaknesses: Women if he allows them too close, his empathy towards certain people.

Defense: Sayo keeps his guard up most of the time. His physical guard is stronger than his magical one since that one seems more natural to him.

History: Sayo had been a simple young man when he was human. He worked with his family and did whatever he could to keep his family fed. He was well liked by his friends and for the most part, his life had been a normal one you would expect from someone. That changed when he fell in love with a woman he thought loved him in return.

Sayo had grown attached to the woman and often spent nights with her unaware what she really was. One night he had managed to get an engagement ring and decided to propose to his love. The plan was not executed. Instead of his proposal to marriage, he was proposed to betrayal. The woman attacked him and drained him of his blood. Then she turned him and left him alone to struggle through his change.

As a new vampire, Sayo tried to cope with his blood lust but it didn't go well. He tried to return to his family and friends but ended up killing them. Broken and lost, Sayo tried to hide himself from the world and dwell in his misery and hate for the woman that had turned him. As fate had it, his creator found him again and forced him by her side for a year before he finally managed to tear himself away.

Since then he tried to stay away from most people and bottle up his emotions. He promised himself he wouldn't make the same mistake again. He lives his life obeying his clan's rules and sometimes helping humans out of their troubles if the story strikes a cord in his heart.
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PostSubject: Re: Sayo Kael   Fri Jul 23, 2010 10:00 pm


Hate the day, Love the night, because it's when the things people most fear come out and play...
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Sayo Kael
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