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 Mission: Resource delivery

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Mitsu Doraibu

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PostSubject: Mission: Resource delivery   Fri Aug 13, 2010 11:14 am

Objective:Deliver Shadow Hunter's Resources
Resource Location:Country, Shadow Hunter's Farm
Delivery Point:Shadow Hunter Storage
Reward:1 Shadow Hunter Reputation Points (per 25 words)
Rules:1. You can only post on farm that you are taking resources to Shadow Hunter Storage and not that you already have delivered there.
2. After 2 hours you can post at Shadow Hunter Storage that you have finished your delivery (Unless your in middle of a fight or lost the battle)!
3. Do not complain if your attacked by another clan while doing mission.

The Shadow Hunter's resource are running low. So council of Shadow Hunters has decided to send out few of our Soldiers to get some resources from our Farms. The most closest of our Farms are located at Country.
We want some of our Shadow Hunters to go get the resources.
But be careful, you can get ambushed by any other clans and lose your resources.

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Mission: Resource delivery
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