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Free forum: A forum for role-playing as Vampyres, Werewolves, Faeries, Demons and Shadow Hunters.
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If you're new to the site, read the rules first.
Put your username as your character name.
Make sure to check your clan for any updates or announcements.
We are also looking for candidates to become some of the clans leaders.
To apply post a topic in that clan's news category and post an RP sample and why you should be head of the clan.
Please advertise the site as much as possible, it would help out the site a lot.

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 Rules...MUST READ!!!

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PostSubject: Rules...MUST READ!!!   Wed May 26, 2010 4:15 am


These are the basic rules:

• No God Modding.

• Don’t bring personal stuff into your RPs that would effect anyone else.

• Don’t use unapproved things in your RPs, make sure you get them approved.

• Don’t spam to increase your post count, it also becomes annoying, it’s only allowed if you are trying to get something approved by bumping the topic but don’t do it excessively.

• Try to be descriptive as possible, it helps the staff a lot.

• Try not to swear a lot, you can but don’t make every second word a swear.

• Write properly, no abbreviations unless you’re in the chat box, grammar and spelling mistakes are okay.

• Try to be original, don’t rip off other peoples ideas.

• Value other people’s opinion, we all have different ones.

• Respect other users of the site and the staff especially because they’ve put the most time and effort into this site.

Basically, any breaking of the rules could result in banning or suspension, it depends on what rule has been broken.

These are some things about the clans:

Vampyres – They are pretty much vampires except they can go out in the sun but they are sensitive to it.

Werewolves – not really much to elaborate on, pretty much a basic werewolf.

Faeries – not to be confused with fairies, they are more devious and cunning.

Demons – They can take form as a person or a creature but they are capable of speech.

Shadow Hunters – they usually hunt all the other races but they are currently all on treaty (truce), they are humans but they have angel blood in them.
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Rules...MUST READ!!!
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