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Free forum: A forum for role-playing as Vampyres, Werewolves, Faeries, Demons and Shadow Hunters.
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If you're new to the site, read the rules first.
Put your username as your character name.
Make sure to check your clan for any updates or announcements.
We are also looking for candidates to become some of the clans leaders.
To apply post a topic in that clan's news category and post an RP sample and why you should be head of the clan.
Please advertise the site as much as possible, it would help out the site a lot.

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 A Guide for Newbies

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PostSubject: A Guide for Newbies   Wed May 26, 2010 4:25 am

Hello and Welcome to World of the Night.

On this site you can RP (role-play) or just chat in the chat box or chat rooms. If you have any questions about anything on the site just PM me, and I’ll be glad to help.
If you are reading this then that means you’re new, and in need of some help. Everything you need to know about RPing and other important things are in this help guide. This guide is just to help you get started.

Before I start, this site is NOT a video game; it is a text-based RPG - which means you use your words to play out your story. You control your character by writing a little part of a story basically.

List of things you have to do to create your character:

1. Before you start anything, can you please read the Site Rules. It’s got all the things that will help you not to get into trouble with any of the staff.

2. After you’ve read the rules you can make your character! Click on Character Creation. There is a template there for you to use, Please, make sure you follow the template!! Everything that you put into your creation MUST be original!!! So everything has to come from that little head of yours. Put the title of your topic as your character name, it will make it a lot easier on the staff. Once you have posted it, wait for one of the Admins to have a look at it, give their feedback and then approve it.

3. Once your character has been approved you can get your Weapons, Spells and Abilities, which you will have to get them all approved as well. You can only use them in Role Playing if they have been approved.

4. Then it’s off to the land of RPing.


Vampyres – They are pretty much vampires except they can go out in the sun but they are sensitive to it.

Werewolves – not really much to elaborate on, pretty much a basic werewolf.

Faeries – not to be confused with fairies, they are more devious and cunning.

Demons – They can take form as a person or a creature but they are capable of speech.

Shadow Hunters – they usually hunt all the other races but they are currently all on treaty (truce), they are humans but they have angel blood in them.

After you've got all these things in your memory, you're all set to go and RP.

Happy RPing
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A Guide for Newbies
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