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 Fey Courts and Royalty

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PostSubject: Fey Courts and Royalty   Fri May 28, 2010 6:47 am

Hello everyone! I am letting you know about the courts and the royalty of the Fey (faeries). Courts; we have the summer court, the winter court, the dark court, the light court and the majestic court. The majestic court rule all the other courts, the summer courts control all things colourful and bright, the winter have all the cold weather, the clouds, the hot chocolate mornings and white christmas'... in fact all christmas'. The dark court have all things black, dark and sometimes evil. The light court doesnt have the sun and the heat like the summer court does, it is a white light, a light of purity and good. Kings and Queens of these minor courts will be assigned by me later on. I am the Queen of the Majestic court and therefore all the courts, but I promise to be a just, kind monarch. If you are misusing your powers as a monarch, you will be replaced and demoted to a servant of the dark court, or be removed from the Fey courts altogether. Very Happy

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Fey Courts and Royalty
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